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4.1sWell, my guest today is Seth Rogen, who's got a new movie out.
4.97sNow, Seth, this movie is hot. It's just hot, hot, hot.
2.7sHow does it feel to have the hottest film in Hollywood?
2.84sWhat the fuck? Did you eat pussy backstage?
3.07sAnd now the real reason to have an HDTV.
5.24sNEWS ANNOUNCER: And now the Fox News 6:00 Report with Rhonda Latimer in high definition.
4.4sGood evening, everyone. And I hope you're as thrilled about the new format change as I am.
2.64s(ALL EXCLAIMING) Aah! Aah!
1.13sAah! Aah!
1.37sAah! Aah!
1.74sOh, no! MAN: Oh, no!
2.97s(EXCLAIMS) Aah!
2.64sI'll get all of the "A's" out of my body.
5.24s(EXCLAIMS) We interrupt this report to inform you Rhonda Latimer has been relocated to Guantanamo Bay.
3sComing up, the new format that makes HD obsolete.
1sPETER: God damn it!