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2.8sit's the new hit comedy starring America's greatest actor,
1.4sFred Savage!
2.3sWell, Lois, you did a good thing for a talented guy.
1.87sYeah, but that should have been our time slot.
2.24sWell, I'm just glad everything's back to normal.
2.47sI don't think I was cut out to be a TV reporter.
1.9sYeah, how did you lose your job there anyway?
2.2sOh, I don't know. Do you really care, Peter?
1.57sI mean, does anyone really care?
2.1sYeah, you're right. The story's over.
1.5sEverything'll be back to normal next week.
1.8sSo, yeah, who gives a damn?
1.97sAnybody got any more jokes? Stewie?
3.44sAnything funny? No? Brian? Meg? Chris?
2.7sNo? All right, see you, folks.