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3.8s(BOTH LAUGHING) - You with me? I sure am!
1.4s- You with me now? - I love it!
3.24sYou know you love it. I just have one small change.
2.77sCould Poopy Face Tomato Nose's nose be a plum?
2.33sHow dare you?
1.4sIt's a small change.
2.2sAnd if you do it, we'll really get behind this show.
2.47sA plum? What is this, 1986?
2sWell, if you're gonna be a TV producer,
1.97syou've gotta be open to collaboration.
4.3sSo everybody just gets to stick their big chef's spoon into my comedy gumbo?
1.17sWell, no deal!
2.8sYou know something? I like your passion.
2.9sOkay, we'll do the show, and we'll do it your way.
1.97sWell, that was a miscalculation.