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3.9sI know, Red Heinie Monkey. This card house won't stay up.
2.74sProbably because the wood stove is so warm.
2.4sIt's making our hands sweaty and slippery.
2.87sIt's all coming together. It's all coming together. This is it.
2sOur vision come to life. I know.
3.87sJust listen to that voice, and then picture him holding that suitcase with the sleeve sticking out!
1.87sHello, Colonel Tushfinger.
4.24sI just built a spaceship. Want to come up in space with me in it?
1.27sWhoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
2.2sCut, cut, cut! Cleveland, what are you doing?
4.34sI just figured I'd give Colonel Tushfinger an Australian thing.
2.4sColonel Tushfinger lives on the moon, you idiot.
2.27sHe talks with a moon accent, you know?
1.8s(IN SILLY ACCENT) He talks like this with a moon accent.
1.33sYou understand?
1.97sI am Colonel Tushfinger, and I live on the moon.
2.54sSo I talk like this with a moon accent. Do that!
1.5sYou know, Bonnie also acts.
1.4sOh, here we go.
4.37sSo they want me to drop the story completely because they don't want to embarrass Rush Limbaugh.