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2.6sSometimes I grind them up into juice or just eat them raw.
1.23sOr insert them anally.
2.13sAs long as I get them into my body somehow.
4.64s(SCATTING) NEWS ANNOUNCER: And now back to the Fox News report with Rhonda Latimer.
3.54sOh, God! That new Fox News reporter is so freaking hot.
2.3sGood evening. I'm Rhonda Latimer for Fox News.
1.5sHere are tonight's top stories.
2.77sOh, she's just so smoking hot!
4.7sGod, I would do things to her that she would probably laugh at.
1.17sYou bitch!
2.8sMAN ON TV: We now return to Woody Allen's Bananas Over Broadway.
4.54sI hate it when Woody casts another actor in a role he's supposed to play, 'cause they always act like him.
1.27sWhat're you talking about?
2.07sI thought Patrick Stewart was great as Melvin Shiverman.
3.9sYou know, Nietzsche says we're doomed to live the same life over and over again,
4.2s(CLEARS THROAT) which is bad news because it means I have to sit through the Ice-Capades again.
1.87sChange it to Fox News! It's time for Rhonda Latimer.
1.57s(SIGHS IN FRUSTRATION) Again, Peter?
1.37sYou have a wife, you know.
1.43sLois, if it makes you feel any better,
2.87sI'm thinking about her every time I masturbate to her.