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1.67sYou're the one who sent me to investigate.
2.84sNow I'm showing you proof and you're dismissing it?
1.27sI don't understand!
1.77sLois, I'll be honest.
4.34sRush Limbaugh is one of us. We have no wish to smear a fellow conservative.
3.87sThat would be as foolish as FDR hiring that midget press secretary.
5.24sThe president has just confirmed a devastating surprise attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.
2.37sMuch of our naval fleet has been destroyed,
2.84sand the death toll is believed to be in the thousands.
1.8sMAN: He's adorable!
3.87sOkay, actors, welcome to the first voice record for Handiquacks.
3.6sAll right, episode one, "What the Duck?" Take one.
2.57sOh, darn it, Poopy Face Tomato Nose.
3.9sI know, Red Heinie Monkey. This card house won't stay up.
2.74sProbably because the wood stove is so warm.
2.4sIt's making our hands sweaty and slippery.
2.87sIt's all coming together. It's all coming together. This is it.
2sOur vision come to life. I know.