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3.95sWelcome to ma maison, Chief. I've been expecting you.
5.86sIs that so, Big Daddy? Well, expect this! The arrest of you by me.
2.75sMes chers, New Orleans is my town.
3.3sWon't nobody gonna mess with me. I got interests.
2.4sAnd I ain't talking about stamp collecting.
2.55sThough, I do find that extremely interesting.
2.23sOh, yeah? Well, that makes two of us.
1.78sYou know, boys,
0.65sthere is an old saying down on the bayou that, uh--
2.62sHe's gradually getting away, Chief.
5.29sAh, let him go. I have a feeling we'll meet again each and every week,
3.44salways in more sexy and exciting ways.
3.34sDaddy, when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
1.72sBetter start eating, kid.
2.03sStart eating?