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2.6sWe're like this all the time.
2.9sGood night, everybody!
2.64sThat's it for our Spin-off Showcase.
2.42sBut what about the show that started it all?
4.19sHow do you keep The Simpsons fresh and funny after eight long years?
3.34sWell, here's what's on tap for season nine.
2.09sMagic powers!
2.88sWedding after wedding after wedding.
3.17sAnd did someone say long-lost triplets?
3.6sSo join America's favorite TV family...
4.97sand a tiny green space alien named osmodiar that only Homer can see...
1.99son Fox this fall.
3.77sIt'll be out of this world. Right, Osmodiar?
2.07sDamn straight, Troy, my man.