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3.99sLook, Lois. Lois, look, look, look. He's dreaming he's running.
3.44sOkay, James, you ready? Now catch it in your mouth like Brian.
3.09sundefinedJames, you got to bite down. " got a question, Peter.
2.16sMotivation. What is my motivation?
1.09sJust throw it back to me.
2.53sYou know what? This is boring. I got a better idea.
2.2sJames, do we really have to watch Videodrome?
1.87sYeah, I think you're really going to appreciate...
2.37sall the subtle nuances in my performance.
3.3sSee? For example, see how even though this other guy is talking...
1.49syour eye is drawn to me.
2.33sYeah, that's neat.
3.3sAs there going to be any nudity? Yes, I get naked.
2.49sYou know, it's bad enough that Peter and I were fighting...
2.94sbut ever since he met James Woods, it's like I don't even exist.
2.76sDo you really care about a man who used to try and pick up girls...