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2.97sPeter? You're still not friends with that idiot after what he did?
2.47sWell, I mean, that may be a little harsh.
2.8sI'm not going to avoid Peter like the drunk chick at a party.
2.26sI just smoked the wrong side ofa cigarette!
1.93sWho wants to go swimming?
2.59sThis song is about me!
1.99sLook, Brian, Peter is a jerk.
2.59sAnd as far as I'm concerned, it's either him or me.
2.49sShauna, come on, why you want to play a brother like that?
1.97sI think I have my answer.
2.43sYou know what? I will have some of that.
2.66s- What the hell is this? - Creamed corn.
3.94sI brought it from home, because I don't like the creamed corn they have here.
1.52sIt's too crunchy.
3.27sPeter, I'm sorry, I was a jerk. Let's be friends again. Okay.
1.9sPeter, can I talk to you for a second?
0.73sWhat is it, Brian?
2.53sListen, I'm sorry for everything that's happened between us...
3.94sand I figure, I don't know, I thought maybe we could be friends again, huh?
2.73sWhat do you say? I kind of miss sleeping at the foot of your bed.