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2.59sYou're just jealous because I'm hanging around with someone else.
1.8sHey, I don't care, man. Girls are stupid anyway.
1.99sWell, fine. Then maybe I'll go see her right now.
2.43sFine! I'll just hang out with James Woods.
1.99sWell, Peter, thanks for lunch.
3.2s- Guess I'll be heading back to old L.A. now. - You're leaving?
1.99sOh, man, I thought maybe you could stick around...
1.83sand, you know, maybe you and me could be pals.
2.23sYou mean just hang around like regular people.
1.16sRegular people, sure, yeah.
2.06sThat does sound appealing.
3.16sYou know what? I'm gonna check back into my hotel.
1.8sOh, screw that. You'll stay with me right here.
1.59sCome on, we'll have a campout in the yard.
1.13sWicked cool.
2.3sHis sweater was neatly folded on the grave...
1.33sso we went back to the car...
2.73sand the severed hook was hanging from the door handle...
2.87sbecause the calls were coming from inside the house.
1.99sThat's a scary story, Peter.
2.43sIt's almost as scary!
3.2sBoy, James Woods, you're the best friend a guy could ever have.
2.2sI feel the same way about you, Peter.