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3.09sI can't believe you went to that much effort just to sabotage me.
1.16sYou're a jerk, you know that?
2.8sListen, at least I wasn't trying to change the name of the school...
0.99sto impress my girlfriend.
0.97sNow that is not true.
2.7sOh, yeah? Then why did you pick Martin Luther King?
1.87sWhy not Ronald Reagan?
2.53sHe was always fun, especially in his later years.
2.99sMr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.
1.43sTear it down.
3.6sReagan smash. Reagan smash.
0.97sWhat's that?
3.09sOh, it's just Reagan. Just leave him alone. He'll tire himself out.
1.8sReagan sleepy.
1.09sYou're an ass, you know that?
2.59sYou're just jealous because I'm hanging around with someone else.
1.8sHey, I don't care, man. Girls are stupid anyway.
1.99sWell, fine. Then maybe I'll go see her right now.
2.43sFine! I'll just hang out with James Woods.
1.99sWell, Peter, thanks for lunch.
3.2s- Guess I'll be heading back to old L.A. now. - You're leaving?
1.99sOh, man, I thought maybe you could stick around...
1.83sand, you know, maybe you and me could be pals.