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3.7sMan, what a great lunch, Lois. Thank you so much for having me over.
2.53sWell, it's not often we get to meet celebrities.
2.83sYeah, except when I was Christina Aguilera's manager.
4.03sOkay, let me just go ahead and stop you right there. You sound terrible, all right?
3.96sYou're doing this thing, which is just, you know.... What the hell is that?
2.59sAnd you look like ifl touched you, you'd be sticky...
1.4sand frankly, you smell bad.
2.23sYou're pretty much offensive to all five senses.
0.97sThat's only four.
3.3sWell, actually, you know when you smell something and it gets stuck in there...
1.13sand you can sort of taste it?
2.49sYeah. Well, I'm tasting you right now and it tastes awful.
2.59sTruly disgusting, like salty garbage.