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2.59sOh, that's okay. I had a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of the show.
1.59sWait a minute!
3.9sPeter, Martin Luther King was an inspiration to an entire generation.
2.43sHe was a driving force behind the civil rights movement.
2.66sLois, we're talking about Rhode Island's own James Woods here.
2.3sHe's a hero in these parts, huh? Use your head.
1.19sPeter, you're acting like an idiot.
2.2sOh, yeah? I don't like the way you've been acting lately.
1.56sI think it has a lot to do with that woman...
1.4syou've been spending so much time with.
2.09sWhy don't you just mind your own damn business, Peter?
2.3sWill you guys stop fighting, please?
1.23sWhat's wrong with Meg?
2.47sOh, nothing. It's just her time of the month.
1.63sNot again.
2.87sWell, Mr. Griffin, your arguments for the school's name change...
1.7sBrian, I think you did it.
1.23sOh, amen.
2.23sBy the way, I just want to remind everybody...
2.87sto put their e-mail address on the list in the back there...
2.53sso we can send you our quarterly newsletter.
4.6sIt's chock-full of goings-on around the school. It's got a word jumble.