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2.13sYou know, those are just three names that come to mind.
1.49sBrian, that's a great idea.
2.43sWe should get them to rename the school after Dr. King.
4.13sYou like Dr. King? Because I love Dr. King. I love.... M.L.K!
1.97sMan, he's my guy.
2.9sHe's.... I mean, I love all black people, you know.
2.9sI mean, ifl could take all the black people in the world...
3.77sand just, you know, just buy a farm somewhere and let them all....
2.66sWhoa, you know what, that actually didn't really come out right.
3.46sBrian, relax. I'm having a great time. You don't have to try so hard.
3.83sGreat. Great. 'Cause, you know, I'm not okay with slavery. Just so we're clear.
3.03sI mean, ifl was offered a slave, I'd say no.
1.09sBy the way, Bonnie...
2.53swe just finished reading The Da Vinci Code at my book club.
1.97sYou were right. It's terrific.
4.53sLet me guess. Some flowery, 300-page, menopausal masturbatory aid.
1.3sI loved it.
2.4sAnd the chapters are only about two pages long.