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4.16sWhere does James Woods fit into the fun, you ...?
1.56sLook, James, you're acting kind of weird.
3.23sI'll act however I want to act, you son ofa bitch!
1.59sI'm sorry, Peter, I didn't mean that.
3.2sBoy, I haven't been this creeped out since I saw that episode of Star Trek.
1.49s- Number One. - Yes, Captain.
1.26sLet me ask you something.
2.47sIfl whispered in your ear that Commander Worf's head...
2.87slooks like a fanny, would you join me in a laugh?
2.47s- Yeah, I could get in on that. - All right!
1.56sHere it comes!
2.53sCommander Worf's head looks like a fanny!
4.13s- You can both suck my ridges. - Get a sense of humor, Rocky Dennis.
2.99sBoy, I tell you, Brian, James Woods has been getting kind of obsessive...
1.8sever since you and me started hanging out again.
1.19sHow are you going to handle that?
4.4sWe got to come up with some crazy scheme like the kids on That '70s Show.
2.2sAnd I think I got it.