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1.9sWhat do you mean?
2.56sI don't know, Peter, I had this crazy idea...
2.4sthat you and I were supposed to have dinner tonight.
1.87sBut I guess you had other plans, huh?
2.4sBrian and I were just at The Clam.
3.06sOh, that's fun. That sounds like you had a fun time.
2.9sAnd where would I fit in with the fun time?
4.16sWhere does James Woods fit into the fun, you ...?
1.56sLook, James, you're acting kind of weird.
3.23sI'll act however I want to act, you son ofa bitch!
1.59sI'm sorry, Peter, I didn't mean that.
3.2sBoy, I haven't been this creeped out since I saw that episode of Star Trek.
1.49s- Number One. - Yes, Captain.
1.26sLet me ask you something.
2.47sIfl whispered in your ear that Commander Worf's head...
2.87slooks like a fanny, would you join me in a laugh?