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0.93sAnd mean.
1.33sI see.
2.49sDoes she, by any chance, give the crew members spankings?
2.38sNo, she just makes us do work and stuff.
1sGood, good.
6.04sBut should she ever institute some sort of bare-bottom spanking policy let me go in your place.
2.25sI won't have my comrades harmed.
2.17sHey, this guy's all right.
2.97sHere's to us poor schmoes...
1.3sworking for the man.
3.17sEven if he is a hot, sexy, female man.
2.3sI've computed our landing coordinates, Captain.
0.95sThanks, Kiff.
0.93sVery nice work.
1sWait. What?
2.4sI said, "Very nice work."
4.09sThis is the happiest day of my life.
1.77sOkay, crew, listen up.
3.69sYour job is to deliver these 40 pillows to that hotel.
3.2sThey're not very heavy but you don't hear me not complaining.