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1.5sI'm Bender.
1.62sYou know, the lovable rascal.
3.99sOh, yes, yes, my good friend, of course.
2.69swhoever you all are I have good news.
3.1sYou'll be making a delivery to Stumbos Four
3.5sa planet with such high gravity, you'll most likely be crushed
2.03sunder the weight of your own hair.
6.24sSo, this Leela I know she's a very sensuous woman but what manner of captain is she?
1.07sShe's really strict.
0.93sAnd mean.
1.33sI see.
2.49sDoes she, by any chance, give the crew members spankings?
2.38sNo, she just makes us do work and stuff.
1sGood, good.
6.04sBut should she ever institute some sort of bare-bottom spanking policy let me go in your place.
2.25sI won't have my comrades harmed.
2.17sHey, this guy's all right.
2.97sHere's to us poor schmoes...