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1.38sTo the ends of the universe.
1.37sTen hundred percent.
2.07sThat's not nearly loyal enough.
4.27sI order you to sit around and drink beer until you're as loyal as Kiff here.
1.68sYes, sir, sir.
2.37sUm, may I have a beer, sir?
2.47sNo, you're loyal enough already.
1.53sMeanwhile, I have a plan.
3.99sWe will single-handedly attack our archenemy, the Neutral planet.
1.1sOh, geez.
6.64sOnce the Neutral war machine lies in ruins I'll be a hero again and the DOOP will reinstate me as captain.
3.47sBut, sir, that plan makes no sense.
1.1sMaybe not to you, Kiff.
4.27sBut if I recall correctly you were court-martialed in disgrace.
1.63sOoh, burn!
1.62sNailed you, buddy.
3.97sPrepare to continue the epic struggle between good and neutral.
1.58sThis is awesome.
1.65sWe're going to be, like, "Pow, pow, pow!"
2.27sAnd they're going to be like,