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2.34sWow! A secret staircase.
2.6sBut what do you do if somebody wants a nonalcoholic beer?
2.1sYou know, it's never come up.
2.64sOh, Apu, it's beautiful.
3.57sYes. This is where I come when I need some refuge from the modern world...
3.37sor when I want to see drive-in movies for free.
2.9sI know it is not easy to be a vegetarian, Lisa.
0.5sThat's why I ran away from home.
2.97sWhat? She's leaving home?
2.2sWow! Paul McCartney!
3.3sI read about you in history class. But where's your wife, Linda?
2.6sRight here, Lisa. Whenever we're in Springfield,
2.23swe like to hang out in Apu's garden in the shade.
3.34sWe met him in India years ago during the Maharishi days.
0.5sBack then I was known as the fifth Beatle.
3.51sSure you were, Apu.
3.87sYou know what, Lisa? Paul and Linda are vegetarians too.
2.8sIn fact, Linda has her own line of vegetarian entrÉes.