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1.6sMy boy broke my heart!
4.29sHe turned his back on our traditions on our faith, and on me.
2.42sGet out of here, you little pisher.
1.43sOy, this guy's tough.
1.84sWe'll have to outsmart him.
1.27sHe's pretty sharp.
2.57sHe saw right through this disguise.
1.07sWhat? Saul Bellow?
2.57sThe Nobel prize-winning Jewish novelist?
2.3sHe wants to have lunch with me?
0.8sIt's a date.
2.05sIzzy's deli, 1:00. I'll be there.
3.74sThe French government wants to give me the Legion of Honor?
2.59sWhere do I receive this prestigious award?
1.08sIzzy's deli, 1:00.
2sThank you, Monsieur President.
1.5sAu revoir.
1.94sAre you kids ready to order yet?
3.5sjust get us another bowl of complimentary pickles.