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2.7sOur first caller is from Shelbyville Heights.
5.12sWith all the suffering in the world do you ever wonder if God really exists?
0.78sNot for a second.
0.87sNot at all.
1.65sGood conversation there.
2.29sOur next call now is for the good rabbi.
2.77sI hear breathing, but I don't hear talking.
1.87sWhat's going on? Hello? Mister?
3.35sSome people got nothing to do but call and hang up.
2.03sThere's all kinds of mishagoyim.
2.2sOur next caller is a Springfield boy.
1.8sMy name is Dmitri.
3.04sI'm a first-time caller, long-time listener.
8.19sIf a son defies his father and chooses a career that makes millions of children happy shouldn't the father forgive the son?
0.93sI think so.
1.02sOf course.
1.58sAbsolutely not! Never!
1.54sWho screens these calls?
1.48sWho's in charge here?
2.62sThey leave a building without people watching it?
2.29sI got a plan that can't fail.