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3.49sReverend Lovejoy we need you to help us find a rabbi.
7.87sWell, before you make any rash decisions let me remind you that the church is changing to meet the needs of young Christians.
1.3sWe're not converting.
2.77sWe just want to find a Rabbi Krustofski.
3.94sI do a radio call-in show with him every Sunday night.
1.35sI didn't know that.
3.29sI mention it in my sermon every week.
1.82sOh, that radio show.
3.87sIt's all the kids talk about on Monday at school.
2.52sWell, why don't you have a free T-shirt?
3.07sYou'll be the coolest kids in the playground.
1.4sWe'll put them on later.
2.45sCan you give us the rabbi's address?
0.9sOh, sure thing.
2.64sLet me check my non-Christian Rolodex.
1.27sI bet he misses Krusty.
3.47sHe'll be so happy, he'll cry in his beard.
0.93sOh, yes, yes.
1.93sRabbi Krustofski?
2.43sWhat can I do for you, my young friend?
2.2sWe came to talk about your son.