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5.12swith those quadrangles and study carrels and syllabi, and--
2.49sDoogie Howser went to college when he was my age.
1.83sAgainst my wishes!
2.62sBut the atmosphere there was so stimulating.
2.27sIt was a bustling marketplace of ideas.
2.84sOh? And this kitchen isn't?
2.95sI put those Cathys on the fridge for you.
3.32sI don't even like them. They've gotten so smutty.
3.57sOh, sure. When a man does it, it's smutty. But if a woman did it--
0.45sHomer, Cathy is a woman.
3.17sOh, come on.
2.34sYou're right.
3.15sWhat are you guys doing? We're gonna roll down the hill.
0.59sCan I come with you?
2.3sI don't know.
3.27sAre you sure you're not too "college" for us?