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1.57sHi, Chris. How was school?
3.47sNot good. I got suspended for saying bad words.
1.03sFor God's sake!
2.2sMy principal wants to meet with you guys.
1.99sShould we go? It sounds like a trap.
1.57sYes, Peter, we should go.
1.67sAll right, but if it's a trap, and we don't come back,
4.47sI get to make smart-alecky remarks when we're tied up back-to-back, like last time.
2.92sAny more bright ideas, Professor?
5.66sMr. and Mrs. Griffin, the reason Chris was suspended is that he told a very inappropriate joke in class.
3.45sWell, Principal Shepherd, we promise you it won't happen again.
1.57sI don't know where Chris heard the joke,
2.8sbut I can assure you, it wasn't at home. Was it, Chris?
2.03sNo, Mr. Quagmire told it to me.
1.42sOh, I should have figured.