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1.38sNow, wait a minute, Peter.
2.54sDonna's been nice enough to invite us to stay the weekend,
3.14sand frankly, that sounds better than continuing this wild-goose chase.
2.39sWell, Lois, if you and Bonnie want to stay here,
1.9smaybe Cleveland could join us.
2.73sYeah, it'd be just like old times. What do you say, Cleveland?
3.22sOh, I don't know. I've kind of got my own life now.
1.6sAll right, if you have a sudden change of heart,
2.44sand you want to chase us down the street as we're pulling away,
1.43syou know where to find us.
1.83sOkay, guys, I got one.
5.27sWould you rather get a massage from a man, or surgery from a female doctor?
2.28sWow. Like, minor surgery?
2.62sNo, serious surgery. Like a blown kidney or something.
2.19sGeez. Good question, Peter.
1.3s- Is the man gay? - No.
2.37sIs the female doctor at least Jewish or Asian?
1.23sNo, but, actually, you know what?
4sI'm going to take it up a notch. Hispanic female doctor or gay male masseuse?