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3.49swith my stupid wife showing me some dumbass brochure.
2.48sSo, here's where we'll all be staying this weekend.
1.5sYou and I will have one cabin,
2.57sand Bonnie and Joe and Quagmire will have the other two.
2.14sOh, this is going to be so much fun!
1.57sHi, Chris. How was school?
3.47sNot good. I got suspended for saying bad words.
1.03sFor God's sake!
2.2sMy principal wants to meet with you guys.
1.99sShould we go? It sounds like a trap.
1.57sYes, Peter, we should go.
1.67sAll right, but if it's a trap, and we don't come back,
4.47sI get to make smart-alecky remarks when we're tied up back-to-back, like last time.
2.92sAny more bright ideas, Professor?
5.66sMr. and Mrs. Griffin, the reason Chris was suspended is that he told a very inappropriate joke in class.
3.45sWell, Principal Shepherd, we promise you it won't happen again.
1.57sI don't know where Chris heard the joke,
2.8sbut I can assure you, it wasn't at home. Was it, Chris?
2.03sNo, Mr. Quagmire told it to me.
1.42sOh, I should have figured.
4.3sWas it the one where the blind man walks by the fish market and says, "Good morning, ladies?"