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2.67sDonna, it's so nice of you to invite us to stay here.
1.73sOh, Lois, it's my pleasure.
2.4sI don't think we've seen you folks since the wedding.
1.67sStill waiting on that gift.
2.15sThe gift was the show.
1.94sNah, she doesn't know what she's talking about.
1.9sIt's great to have y'all down here.
2.3sHey, you know, Cleveland, you better hide the markers from your kids.
1.42sSomebody colored in your Jesus.
3.27sSomebody colored in your ass with too much ass, fat-ass.
1.52sAll right, Cleveland, let's get down to business.
1.17sWho told you the joke?
3.67sA bellhop at the Royale Hotel in Washington, DC.
3.8sI met him when I took Cleveland Jr. there to see the Lincoln Memorial.
2.85sBut then Daddy got frustrated 'cause he couldn't find it,
2.44sso we just ate fast food in the parking lot.
2.18sI'm just saying, maybe put up a damn sign.
2.94sAnyway, the bellhop's name is Sal Russo.
2.5sHe knows every dirty joke ever written.
1.93sThen that's the guy we got to talk to.
2.47sEveryone, don't get too used to being around black people,
2.4s'cause we are going to Washington, DC.
1.38sNow, wait a minute, Peter.
2.54sDonna's been nice enough to invite us to stay the weekend,