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2.5sOur first stop was to see Bruce.
2.3sOh, hey. What size shoes is y'alls?
1.67sActually, we're not here to bowl.
2.8sWe were wondering where you heard that dirty joke you told Quagmire.
1.65sOh, that one? Oh, no.
2.54sI'm not going to tell y'all that one here at the workplace.
1.97sToo dirty. Maybe after quitting time,
2.23sI'll have a mimosa and tell y'all then.
2.69sLook, you blade, just tell us who you heard it from.
2.52sPETER: It turned out the joke already had quite a history.
1.6sBruce had heard it from Consuela.
1.68sConsuela heard it from Mayor West.
1.65sWest heard it from Dr. Hartman.
1.12sHartman heard it from Angela,
2.3sAngela from Opie, Opie from Herbert.
1.23sHerbert heard it from Tom Tucker.
1.95sTucker heard it from Bender on Futurama,
1.37soddly enough, for some reason.
1.37sBender heard it from Al Harrington,
1.69sHarrington from REO Speedwagon.
10.11sHeard it from a friend who Heard it from a friend who Heard it from another PETER: REO Speedwagon saved us several stops,
3.07sas they, too, had backtracked the joke to some extent.
3.05sBut when their trail had led to a bartender in Virginia, they had given up,
2.3smuch the way the world had given up on them.