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4.1sHey, Quagmire, you know you got Chris suspended from school for telling one of your dirty jokes?
2.47sOh, gosh, Peter, I'm sorry. You want me to talk to him?
2.5sWell, no, actually, I want you to tell me the joke.
1.27sYeah, tell us the joke.
1.77sYou want to hear it? All right.
2.25sSo, this chick meets a guy at a bar, and...
2.27sP.S. Your vagina's in the sink.
2.14sOh, God, I crapped my pants.
2.52sIt's funny when it happens to other people.
1.93sUgh! That's the end of those underwears.
1.13sI didn't know what to do,
1.63sso I took them off and hummed them at the wall,
2.74sand they started sliding down like one of them sticky octopuses.
1.08sWell, it's a pretty funny joke,
2.35syou know, when you think about it. Your vagina's in the sink.
3.2s(LAUGHING) Damn it!
2.75sWow. He poops every time he hears that joke.
2.53s(CHUCKLES) Yeah. He does, doesn't he?