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1.83sQUAGMIRE: Look what we did.
4.55sWe destroyed a place that brought joy and laughter to the entire world.
1.97sIs that the end of all dirty jokes?
1.5sWell, maybe it is.
2.87sBut Peter's got the best one ever written right there.
1.62sRead it, Peter.
2.47s"Guess what? Chicken butt."
2.2sThat's it? That's the joke?
1.9sNo, this is the joke!
5.64s(SCREAMS) Now take me back to Virginia, so I can put some Bacitracin on this and pork my wife!
1.73sPETER: It was a great adventure.
2.5sAnd it was great having Cleveland along with us again.
3.24sHe hasn't changed a bit. Didn't grab one check.