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3.65sOh! It's him! It's him, it's him. It's him, it's him, it's him,
1.82sit's him, it's him, it's him-- Calm down, Homer.
1.65sCalm down. Answer the door.
1.98sWelcome to the Simpson residence,
2.47sor "Casa de Simpson," as I call it.
3.44sWhat did you want to see me about, Simpson? This better be important.
4.02sIt is, it is, but first let me introduce you to my family--
2.37sMy perfect family.
0.67sThis is my wife, Marge.
2.37sAnd our beautiful baby.
3.02sMy daughter Lisa-- I.Q. 156. Hi.
2.27sSee? And my son Bart.
2.12sHe owns a factory downtown.
3.75sH-How do you do? Homer, I'm late for my night job at the foundry,
1.92sso if you don't mind telling me--
3.77sGood heavens! Th-This is a palace!
2.05sH-How in the world can you afford...
2.13sto live in a house like this, Simpson?
2.14sI don't know. Don't ask me how the economy works.
2.29sYeah, but look at the size of this place.
2.55sI live in a single room above a bowling alley...