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2.1sWell, some kind of farm animal anyway.
3.44sAnd earlier today I saw him asleep inside a radiation suit.
2.62sCan you imagine that? He was hanging from a coat hook.
1.92sHe had three beers at lunch.
2.14sThat would make anybody sleepy.
3.04sI've never seen him do any work around here. What is his job?
2.4sSafety inspector. That irresponsible oaf?
3.29sA man who, by all rights, should have been killed dozens of times by now?
2.7sUh, 316 times, by my count.
1.89sThat's the man who's in charge of our safety?
1.98sIt boggles the mind.
0.65sIt's best not to think about it.
2.05sAh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
3.85sYou idiot! You nearly drank a beaker full of sulfuric acid.
3.6sAcid, eh? Gee. That would have been stupid.
2.74sBoy, would my face have been red.
2.2sStop laughing, you imbecile.