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2.8sOh, very well. Your attention.
2.57sInstead of being tortured to death,
2.82sthe prisoners shall hereby be expelled from the sewers...
2.37sand never allowed to return.
1.78sOh, cruel fate!
3.47sCan we really never return to this dank pit of sewage?
3.24sWait a minute. Why aren't you gonna kill us anymore?
3.44sYeah, what are you, chicken?
3.57sShut up, you two. We can kill ourselves when we get home.
2.74sThey'll need transportation to the surface.
3.07sBring in the airship.
1.57sWe constructed it from the remnants...
2.97sof old discarded Macy's Parade balloons--
4.27sUnderdog's groin, Bart Simpson's left ear and right shin,
2.87sGarfield's owner jon's forehead.
2.6sFire up the sewer gas!