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3.2sWhat's this junk? It looks like...
2.4sa time line of my whole life.
3.14sThat's when we saved Earth from a giant asteroid of garbage.
3.1sAnd here's when I dropped out and bummed around India for a while.
3.22sAnd this is just last year at Space Mardi Gras.
3.92sIt's like some kind of weird Leela museum. And I'm the Leela.
2.74sDude, over here.
2.97sIt's all the best stuff I ever flushed down the toilet.
4.2sThose are some of my diary pages. And my screenplay!
3.37sAnd also, for some reason, the letter I wrote you full of my personal feelings.
2.47sOh, I'm scared!
4.89sMy whole life has just been a show for some perverted mutant.
1.8sThey must be in here. Yeah, capture them!