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2.47sI usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside,
2.5swhere it can fester quietly as a mental illness.
2.67sYeah, I do that with my stupidness.
3.6sI told a whole crowd today that being an orphan made me strong.
2.5sBut all I really wanted was a mom and dad...
4sto hold me and stroke my hair and tell me they love me.
2.13sThen today's your lucky day, because I happen to be...
4.62sa holding, stroking, loving machine, also spanking.
2.13sThat's not even close to what I had in mind.
2.97sWell, anyway, just remember that people care about you.
2.3sI know.
1.93sSometimes, when I'm lonely,
2.34sI look up at the sky, and I get this feeling...
4.54sthat somewhere on some unknown planet circling a distant star,
3.74smy parents are up there, looking down on me.