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3.77sI had the professor analyze the Alienese letter that was found with you.
0.46sWhat does it say?
1.36sI dunno.
3.17sBut the analysis showed it was printed on recycled toilet paper.
4.64sA "squeezably" soft paper used mainly in the sewers.
3.44sIt says, "Your parents love you very much."
2.05sWe still do.
3.67sSo, I'm not an alien? I'm a mutant?
3.24sWe never wanted you to know. You deserved a better life.
4sYou must despise us.
1.82sYou're my parents!
2.1sAll I've ever wanted is to know you.
4.42sThis is the happiest moment of my life.
2.1sWhen I see you alone
2.34sI see what'S in your mind