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3.29sWhere did you get this bracelet? Did you steal it from me when I was a baby?
4.64sOr from my parents? You robbed my parents, didn't you?
3.39sI bet you sick mutants killed them!
4.4sMy parents were confused aliens lost on Earth, and you killed them!
2.84sIs that it? Admit it!
2.19sYes, we killed them.
2.07sYou guessed the truth.
4.8sAah! Because of you, I'll never know my parents!
1.93sI'll kill you!
2.27sThat would be best.
2.78sThanks, Bender. Don't do it, Leela!
2.62sThey killed my parents! Close.
3.19s- They are my parents. - Yes.
3.77sI had the professor analyze the Alienese letter that was found with you.