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3.74sDown with taxes! Down with taxes!
2.17sDown with taxes!
2.54sWon't you think of the children?
3.07sAre these morons getting dumber, or just louder?
2.07sDumber, sir. They won't give up the Bear Patrol,
1.93sbut they won't pay taxes for it either.
3.24sDucking this issue calls for real leadership.
3.84sPeople, your taxes are high because of illegal immigrants.
2.57sThat's right. Illegal immigrants.
2.1sWe need to get rid of them!
3.94s"Immigants." I knew it was them!
2.6sEven when it was the bears, I knew it was them.
4.34sOh! Won't somebody please think of the children?
2.8sIn one week, the town will vote on a special referendum...
3.44swhether or not to deport all illegal immigrants from Springfield.
4.17sIt shall be known as Proposition 24. Yea!