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2.14sBart, what are you doing ?
0.2sGet down from there before the neighbors see--
2.13sHey, Simpson.
2.57sDoh ! Flanders, I don't care what this looks like.
3.07sBart's gonna mop the floor with your son's ugly butt !
2.38sWell, sir, may the best man win.
1.68sAh, "May the best man win."
2.94sThe mating call of the loser. just a minute, Simpson.
2.3sI think my son has a very good chance.
0.2sOh, yeah ? Wanna bet ?
3.14sI'm not a betting man.
3.39sOh, I'm a chicken, am I ?
2.07s- That's right. - All right. How's this for a wager ?
3.49sA-A-A batch of your wife's delicious blueberry muffins...
2.45sagainst O-one of my wife's homemade wind chimes.
3.17sWhat, are you afraid to make a real bet ?
2.54sNo, I just--
3.37sYou know, Simpson, you're starting to annoy me.
1.92sHow about this, Henny Penny ?
3.27sIf Bart wins tomorrow, you have to mow my lawn.