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3.77sOh, please, God, don't let them come in here.
1.65sHear ye! Hear ye!
3.05sThe intergalactic jester proclaims...
3.22sthis conformity factory closed!
3.54sHmm. Fifteen years of loyal service, and this is how they tell me?
2.63sA jester with an invisible proclamation.
6.34sSo fi-i-ine That was fun. I don't know if we actually freaked anyone out, but--
3.34sNo, no, no. Marge was definitely freaked out. Thanks, Homer.
3.57sIt was nice to reconnect with our hippie roots, if only for a--
2.5sWhat the hell!
0.67sOh, no!
1.77sOh, man!