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1.77sHe heard.
4.42sAnyway, I still think about her every time I walk by that mural she painted.
4.6sOh! My mother painted that for me?
3.23sOh, my God! My middle name is right behind that shrub.
3.17sI'll finally know whaT "J" stands for.
3.89sFrom this moment forth, I will be known as Homer...
2.38sJay Simpson!
2.42sIt's so beautiful.
2.82sWhat a magical gift for my mother to leave me.
2.49sShe also left her old poncho.
2.72sGet off of there, Ginsberg!
2.97sI'll treasure this poncho forever. Mwah.
2.15sUh, you might want to wash that.
3.57sThe dog has a lot of skin and bladder problems.
2.1sAll right. We got what we came for.