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2.89sThis is the hippie commune your mother ran off to...
2.9swhen life with me became a living hell.
2.95sWow. Look at this place.
3.69sThere's a pond for skinny dippin', a tire for skinny swingin'.
3sI can actually feel the good vibrations.
2.65sI remember them-- Seth and Munchie.
2.47sLook at those filthy, lazy, flea-ridden--
1.78sOh, hi there!
1.95sHey, check it out.
2.22sIs that Abe Simpson?
2.6sGeez, man. We haven't seen you since Woodstock.
1.93sYou went to Woodstock?
3.99sYour mother dragged us both to that godforsaken lovefest!