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2.79sYou lied dozens of times on our mortgage application.
2.84sYeah, but they were all part of a single ball of lies.
3.4sThe point is, I'm a grown man, and I deserve a middle name.
3.79sHmm. I know where we might find your missing moniker.
2.67sIt's a bit of a drive, but on the way,
3.44swe can have a nice father-son chat.
3.47sGreat. I'll go shoot myself for bringing this up.
2.89sThis is the hippie commune your mother ran off to...
2.9swhen life with me became a living hell.
2.95sWow. Look at this place.
3.69sThere's a pond for skinny dippin', a tire for skinny swingin'.
3sI can actually feel the good vibrations.