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2.85sOr begging. I know a place that'll saw your legs off.
4.5sSlow down, fellas. I've got a way we can keep our legs and still have a bright future.
2.79sNow you're dreamin'. Oh, am I?
2.5sOf course! Nuclear power!
0.45sIt's the job of tomorrow... today!
2.33sWell, that settles it. For all those reasons and more,
3.4slet us choose an electrifying career in--
2.14sNuclear power.
2.35sNuclear power.
2.6sYou dunderheaded stooges are the worst bunch of--
3.14sHey! Pretty good, huh?
3.54sWell, it's better than that last Barbra Streisand movie.
3.92sI didn't quite get the point of it. Why would Lenny want someone to saw his legs off?
2.44sWell, there were script problems from day one.
0.55sDidn't seem like anyone even read the script.
2.45sThat was the problem.
3.89sThe important thing is, after all these years of paying my dues,