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3.5sFor loving
2.84sGood morning, starshine, Seth.
2.07sWhat's going on? What happened to our crops?
3.74sI picked 'em, juiced 'em and delivered 'em to every store in town.
2.69sYour business is saved.
2.22sBut there weren't enough vegetables left to fill that order.
2.82sThat's what I thought at first.
3.49sBut then I found the other garden behind the barn,
2.52sthe one with the camouflage netting.
3.4sthose were our personal vegetables.
4.47sWell, now the whole town can benefit from their nutrients.
9.16sOne Pill makes you laRger Fergie! And one pill makes you small Willie, you complete me.
2.32sSaints be praised!
1.75sOh, closer.
2.8sI've always dreamed of this moment.