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1.68sThere you are!
2.65sHave you stopped to think about who you're hurting with this rampage?
1.18sThe people I've killed?
1.78sNo! Your son!
2.9sOn the biggest day of his life when he accepts the Nobel Prize,
1.47syou're not gonna be there!
1.15sOh, dear God!
3.44sI've let my organ lust come between me and my son.
4.74s(WEEPING) Well, it's not too late. You can still fly to Stockholm.
2.15sWell, it better be first class.
2.64sComic Book Guy's ass won't fit in coach.
1.87sYou may keep my posterior.
3sJust please return the "Jabba the Butt" tattoo.