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2.57sPETER: Oh, no, Joe. I wouldn't try to shoot you in the eye.
4.44sA lot of shoes We're throwing shoes A lot of rice It's all so... (BB GUN FIRES) Ow!
2.55sPeter, it was really close to my eye!
2.15sRelax, Joe. I'm nowhere near your eye.
1.5sHey, Joe, open your eye.
1.67sWhat the hell, Peter? You shot him in the eye!
1.2sKeep singing, you!
1.67sAnd keep your chin up, so I can see your throat.
1.73sNo, no screw this! You're a jerk!
3.49sJerk? What kind of a way is that to talk to your friend who gives you money?
1.82sGo to hell, Peter! We don't need your money!
1.9sAnd we don't need friends like you!
1.22sYeah! We're out of here!
3.14sFine, go on. I don't care. I don't need you, I got money!
2.25sYou know, Peter, you used to be a great guy.
1.7sBut ever since you won that lottery...
2.27sCome on, Joe! Fuck this guy!