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2.17sand there is a giant poo on your desk.
1.77sHey, Horace, another round for everybody.
2.55sGosh, Peter, you're really being generous with your money.
3.17sHey, what's the point of being rich if you can't share it with your pals, huh?
2.45sOkay, wait, I got one. Who would you rather do?
3.8sSusan Boyle or a sex doll that's been passed around a fraternity?
1.4sWell, have they been cleaning the doll?
2.27sPlease, these guys are Betas, they're total animals.
1.95sHey, I got one, Peter. What would you rather do?
5.17sTread water where you are right now or increase your net worth fivefold within the next 18 months?
1.53sWhat? What are you talking about?
2.34sWell, my friend Marty is a whiz with chemistry,
2.6sand he says he's come up with a new penis enlargement pill,
2.94sand if we can bankroll him $100,000 in startup money,
2.15she'll triple our investment in a year.
2.4sWell, uh, gee, (STAMMERING) I don't...
3.54sPeter, I've taken the liberty of mocking up some sales projections.
1.08sWow, that's pretty good.
2.28sAnd this would be our net profits.